Sariah isn't sure what to expect where her persnickety grandmother, Nanny Eleanor, demands that she takes the girl on a seashore vacation. The pirate-obsessed girl is excited for the seashells, sun, and surf-- the perfect backdrop to act out her adventurous fantasies-- but dealing with her grandmother isn't for the faint of heart. And, it turns out, neither is this summer.

George, Sariah, and her family are all stranded on Christmas Eve with no presents or tree in sight. To keep festive spirits high, George entertains everyone with a story: but how much is truth, and how much is fiction?
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After angering his last master with a wish gone awry, Amir the jinni finds himself tossed to the ocean. With a pile of books to read, he decides to start an early retirement-- until he's found by a new master, a little mermaid named Moon who wishes to have legs.
Amir is convinced the best thing for Moon-- and his sanity-- is for her to return to the sea and leave him to his retirement. To do that, he'll have to break up Moon and the prince she's been in love with for years. But Amir is convinced that the task will be easy: after all, he's an evil jinni. How hard can it be to get a mermaid back where she belongs?
A retelling of The Little Mermaid.

"Many of you have heard about the Christmas story, but tonight, I’ll be interviewing everyone that was involved to bring YOU the full story—hosted by me, Ed E. Tours."
You know the Christmas story: Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the Wise Men, the shepherds and the angels. But how much do you really know? Have you heard about The Angelz, who performed on the hills that Christmas night? And you can't forget the Bethlehem Hillbillies, those lovable country folks that were a-watching their flocks by night over on yonder hill. Of course, behind every Wise Man is a Wise Wife...and if they would have brought her along the first time, she would have asked for directions and they would have made it to Jesus' birth on time!
Join Ed E. Tours on his show, Bethlehem Star News, as he interviews everyone from the angels to Mary about the special night Christ was born. They'll tell exactly what Christmas means to them, and how each of their lives changed dramatically the night the Savior was born.
"Bethlehem Star News" is a script for a children's Christmas play, intended for 16-20 actors. Performance time is approximately 1 hour. The scenes are split up into skits so that, if necessary, performers can be reused for different parts.

"We’ve got a special program for you today, folks. I’m bringing you all you need to know about Jesus rising from the dead! Join ME, Ed E. Tours, as I bring you interviews from those first-hand eye-witnesses, right here on Bethlehem Star News!"
Ed E. Tours is back-- or is he? Ed is determined to bring the audience the breaking news about Jesus' resurrection on Easter, but a new upstart journalist, Rhea Porter, is trying to steal his show and turn it into the "Golgotha Gazette."
To make matters worse, Mary and Martha won't quit fighting, "Maggie" Magdalene is a hippie who wants to share her Woodstock stories, Judas Iscariot is a ghost, and-- who invited Barabbas? It looks like Easter may be doomed...
...Unless someone can fix things up and teach Ed and Rhea the true meaning of Easter.
This is the second play in the Bethlehem Star News Series. The play is best enjoyed with prior knowledge of the events of the first play, the Christmas Edition. Performance time is approximately 1 hour. Play is intended to be performed by 15+ actors, but is broken up into short skits so that actors may perform dual roles if necessary.

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